Facilities for all Types of Members

Note: Membership tenure is for one year and unlimited access for all types of membership:-

1. Online Subscription – Right Brain Quiz
2. Online Games
3. Brain Games
4. Reprogramming Of Sub Conscious Mind Audio
5. Creative Worksheets
6. Audio Questioning
7. Scientific Documentary Movies
8. National & International Articles
9. For Left Brain Development - All Educational Patterns like – Maharashtra Board – Marathi Medium – English Medium – Semi English Medium – CBSE – ICSE – IGCSE – CIE – IB.
10. Family Membership

Terms & Conditions for Membership Allotment
A. Honorary Membership:
Child Scientist / who have done extra ordinary activities for society.
B. Family Membership
Real Brother / Sister.
C. Red Membership
One Applicant.
D. Bunch Membership
Applicants minimum 7 together.
E. Corporate Membership
Applicants minimum 10 together.
F. Sports Membership
National / International Player Only.
G. Life Membership
Maximum for 3 years.